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Bath and shower seals

Bath and shower seals can surprise you by leaking into other areas leading to damage, sometimes its recommended to remove tiles to reseal the areas correctly instead of putting new sealer over the problem. A sticky plaster is not the answer. Find a plumber near by to fix the problem.

Staining or drips from your ceiling

Staining or drips from your ceiling usually indicates a problem from a plumbing source but sometimes it may be a structural problem, we recommend an inspection just to be safe. Genuine plumbers based on South Dublin are waiting for your call.


Toilets, sinks, basins, showers if you have a leak just take a look yourself and if you need a plumber call us to repair or replace the faulty part.

Call me from anywhere for a Dublin plumbing or heating service.


Traps can get blocked or age causing leaks at any time. We usually recommend replacing a trap if its old so it wont happen again. A plumber knows best. But if its clear it won’t be dear..


If you find a leak anywhere just call for advice or appointment to get it fixed. We can respond to an emergency call out if you need help fast.

Cylinders, Hot water tank

Usually a hot water cylinder is located in the hot press or airing cupboard. They range in size and may have a jacket or insulation around them. They can be heated by electric immersion, the central heating boiler or both. They can leak over time and can stop working correctly. Gravity fed or high pressure cylinders can be fixed or replaced if required. Call a plumber for advice.


Mixer taps blend hot and cold water together usually by a single spout. If they leak we recommend replacing the mixer but an inspection can see what the right course of action it. A plumber will know in seconds what to do.


Basin taps are usually old when they cause trouble so we can replace spindles with washers or the taps if necessary.


Bath taps are generally reliable and rarely cause trouble but if they do replacing spindles can fix the problem and an inspection can tell if the tap should be replaced.


Kitchen sink and bathroom sink taps are made up of handles spindles, washers and we can repair most without the need to replace a tap but if required we can give you a quote.

Outside taps

Outside taps are great for watering your garden and washing your car. They should be located above a drain and be protected from damage and weather. If you are interested in an installation call us now. Most plumbers will recommend fitting near a drain.


A valve is an isolation point for turning off oil, gas or water. They can leak, block and jam open or closed seized. They are an important part of any pipe installation for safety and isolation. A stop cock can be found generally below kitchen sink to shut off mains water to building. Hot and cold water valves can be found at the hot press or airing cupboard to switch off water. Call us for more information if required.

Toilet Cistern

The cistern contains all the parts for filling and flushing the toilet and range in variety of shape and size.

Will a wide range available. If you have issues, call for a choice of options. A plumber can call by to help deal with the parts required.



The pan is the base of the toilet you sit on. This is connected to the waste and usually has a seat

Syphon/ flush unit

This part allows water to flush down into the toilet to clear waste. They do break and we can supply and fit them for you. Price will vary across different models.

Ball/float valve

This part allows water to fill the cistern up to a level then shuts it off before it over flows. We can replace this if you have a problem.

Handle/ push button

If your handle or push button break take a photo and try a local plumbing shop. If you have trouble we are a call away and will try our best to match it to your product. Call us for more info.

Sink or Kitchen sink

The kitchen sink is always busy so the taps and waste can break or leak. The parts can be repaired or replaced if required, we can advise you on the best action to take.

Bathroom sink/basin

Basin taps can cause trouble and if they do call us to take a look. They leak from the waste with time and also get damaged.

Blocked drains Dublin/ plumber

Don’t stress this happens from time to time. Hair and debrit even toys and get lost in there. We can clear this with ease usually but sometimes it may require a chemical clean.

Shower Mixer valve

The mixer valve (thermostatic) will regulate and mix hot and cold water. They rarely cause trouble but can get blocked or break. If you need help fixing or replacing call us now.

Shower tray

The shower tray should be installed on a solid base to help the surrounding seal. They can leak thew the tiles and doors into walls and floors. The wastes may block.

Shower doors

The shower door encloses the area to stop water from splashing out and directs water back into the enclosure. We can replace damaged doors if required. Silicone is used to seal them in.

Waste pipe blocked or leaking

Waste pipes are usually hidden, if you have a blockage the waste pipe may leak. We can usually clear them with easy but sometimes a chemical clean is required, the waste pipes range in size from basins to drainage causing toilets and other pipes to block.

Over flow pipe

The overflow pipe is a safety pipe to take overflowing water away safely from a tank or area to an external location. This is a warning pipe and it protects your home from a flood. If you see water coming from this you should call us to investigate the problem. Call a plumber if you have an over flowing pipe.

Pumps Home pump

Apartments & houses can be fitted with a home pump. This usually pumps  hot and cold water to the bathroom if they break down or leak call us for advice on repair. The circuit board and capacitor can stop working if the correct fuse is not installed. This is unfortunate but we can fix them.

Booster pump

A booster pump is installed to increase pressure and may be fitted to mains water or the a shower (pressurised systems) call us for a quote on repair, sometimes a replacement pump can be cheaper.

Shower pumps

Usually a shower pump is installed as only for one shower and a plastic body pump will be used for only one shower they tend to be a less costly replacement but may not be right for your installation.

Positive head pumps

As in the name a positive head pump has over head pressure so it doesn’t need to work hard to pump water. It works off a flow switch and had less logic to break down. Usually motor failure.

Negative head pump

This is the pump used for apartments and yes they are expensive to replace. Choosing a brass bodied pump is correct as this pump has to work hard when in use. It has a big vessel on top to store the pressure up to activate it. In turn it can run via the read switches. Pcb and capacitor control and start the pump like others.
Should you need your pump repaired call us to get it done. Plumber problems day to day.

Central Heating Pump parts

Replacement pump parts are different prices with different suppliers so we try to get the best price to keep repair prices low. Some pumps are now obsolete and you will unfortunately require a new  pump to suit your requirements. Call for advice
Drains, pipes, toilets, sinks etc. if you cant unblock them easy don’t use branded cleaners as they usually don’t clear heavy problems. If you try a plunger and its not working call us to investigate the issue and we can use the correct procedure to fix it before it gets worse. We are successful 99% of the time without using a chemical clean.


This is a range of macerators with pumps that can be fitted anywhere in your home to remove wate from showers, sinks and toilets. Ideal for bathrooms located in new locations from existing wastes. If you require Saniflo help we can replace the unit but as the nature of its work is harsh we cannot repair.

Cold water plumbing problems

In the main Dublin areas water is provided from the street as mains water after treatment etc. We call this mains water. This feeds to your kitchen tap (drinking water) and also a storage tank in attic or in apartments a combi cylinder tank. And follows on to storage water.
Cold storage water comes from the tank and will feed toilets,  basins, baths, showers and washing machines. Dishwashers must be fed from fresh water (mains)
If you have cold water problems  give us a call. We may ask you to locate a stop cock or valve to isolate the water for safety
If you need us to help call us we are emergency plumbers.
Hot water

Hot water can be delivered  from a hot water cylinder, a combi boiler or water heater. They break down from time to time but they can be repaired or replaced. We inspect appliances and determine if you require parts to fix the problem.

Common problems for hot water issues are: immersion fault, thermostat fault, airlock, boiler fault, electrical fault, timer/ programmer fault, leaks. We can identified the fault and repair it or replace the parts.

my plumber is steve

Airlocks are common and they are caused by pipes running dry or empty. You can try clear them yourself by backfilling the water up the pipes. If its a big issue call us our plumbing service is the best.

Attic tank/storage water

An Attic tank is for cold water storage and is located either in the attic or as a separate unit via a roof. In apartments a combi tank may be used fitted with a cylinder. They have a ball valve and overflow so if your ballvalve fails you can expect the overflow to warn you.
These tanks can all corrode and leak with age. We can replace parts and tanks.

Washing machines are classed as white goods. We don’t repair white goods but we do install them. We can supply water (mains or storage) to feed them and supply waste pipe with a washing machine trap to take waste water away. If your appliance is faulty call an appliance engineer.

Dishwasher plumb in

If your dishwasher isn’t working  kick them harder…. Nobody likes a slacker! We can plumb in a dishwasher and fit waste pipes. We cannot repair them. Use an appliance engineer. We are happy to help install or remove goods at any time. Remember mains water only to a dish washer.  Call for prices on labour if required to install etc.

Drains cleared or installed

If you need a drain cleared or installed we offer a good quote. Because this title can cover so many things we are available for quotes
Water filter fitted by a plumber

We can install a water filter of your choice at any time. Some customers have chosen different types of filter so i can recommend and discuss if you need advice.

Insulation pipework

We recommend insulating pipework to protect from weathering in attics, external areas and within under floor cavities. This also keeps hot water hot and cold water cool when external temperatures change. Prices by quote.

Plastic & copper pipe

We buy qualpex and copper pipe for general work. This is safe and reliable for all domestic and commercial use.
All pipework and fittings are bought in Ireland and my supplies know me and guarantee their products. Plumbers know best.

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