Heating Services

Need a boiler service today in Dublin?

Our boiler services have a full system check. We usually take 30 minutes to complete.

Boiler service and repair

Dublin plumbing and heating is fully trained in gas and oil boiler servicing. All makes and models catered for. We perform on average 350 services a year and provide a gas certificate on completion. A full safety inspection is performed testing combustion and Gas Boiler Servicing Dublinefficiency of your appliance.
We leave you with the comfort and confidence that your boiler is reliable and safe for another year. We run a test on all your boilers parts and heating controls. A boiler service is generally a safety inspection. Every year your boiler may run a little bit differently with age. We adjust pumps and valves to suit.

Safety first.

If you want a new heating system, Gas, Oil or renewable energy just ask and we can help plan what suits your needs.

Boiler repair

Should you require a replacement part for your boiler, we will provide you with the best quote possible to supply and fit before we continue any work.
No hidden charges.
All parts come with a 12 month guarantee and all parts are sourced in dublin from established suppliers we trust. Plumbers in your area every day. I work alone but have a network of plumbers i can call if im not available.
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Is your heating loosing pressure? This can be caused by leaks, burst expansion vessels and weak safety valves. We can fix all parts of your heating system.

Boiler replacements in the Dublin area

If your boiler is broken or unsafe or you just wish to upgrade Dublin plumbing and heating can advise you and what boiler might be suitable and cost effective for you.
We generally install within one day. And if you need more information to help you, we can advise over the phone. Plumbers are at hand.

Our full rage of heating services is customed to your needs.

We can cover all heating requirements from new radiators to magnetic filters. Bad circulation and poor efficiency is what we are best at rectifying.

Power flushing

We flush out heating systems with guaranteed results, this will increase circulation and allow full heat transfer from radiators.

Sludge build up catches in valves, pipework and radiators over time. This is created by the pump circulating water around and breaking down the insides of the system. Imagine cholesterol in your body. It reduces circulation. System flushing can get your heating system back to normal and maximise the heat output and save you on your heating bills. We also install a magna clean to stop this from happening again.

Why waste money??

With careful planning we will save you money and we have lots of happy customers to date.

Our boiler service rates are from €90 and our investigation rate is from €70 euro, this is taken off the quote of further work carried out.
Why not see our special offers for reduced gas boiler service rates ….

We cover all heating problems. Replacement heating parts, valves, vessels, tanks, pumps etc. A plumber will always advise the course of action.

If you want to know more about how we fix heating systems call us now 0877112323.